Lemon Law Myths and Misconceptions

Here are a couple of aspects of lemon laws that are frequently misinterpreted:


Used vehicles are covered under state lemon laws. Typically, this is not real. Most states' lemon laws cover the initial owner of a brand-new vehicle just. If you are the 2nd owner of a vehicle, even if it is still under guarantee, you might find that your state's lemon law does not secure you. There are a couple of states that cover the vehicle throughout the period of the service warranty despite the variety of owners and a couple of that even has unique lemon law for used vehicles. If in doubt, talk to your state's Attorney General's workplace.


If you purchase a brand-new vehicle, you might return it for a refund within 3 days of purchase. Once again, usually not real. It might hold true if you purchase a toaster, but for big purchases such as a vehicle, when you purchase it, you own it. Because of that, make certain that you check own any brand-new car that you are considering purchasing. And not simply one like it - own the precise cars and truck you plan to purchase. If you are purchasing a used vehicle, have an independent mechanic find out more before you purchase to make sure that it remains in great order.


The dealership needs to notify you if the car has actually remained in a mishap. Most states do not need this. Additionally, it's not constantly possible for a dealership to even know if a lorry has actually formerly remained in a mishap. Dealerships are, nevertheless, typically needed to reveal info about any recognized damage to the lorry. Do not anticipate the dealership to be upcoming with details that she or he might not always want you to know. Be proactive and ask a great deal of concerns. And once again, if it's a used vehicle, make certain to have an independent mechanic appearance it over before you purchase.


Lemon laws are there to secure customers from problems in craftsmanship and to make sure that the dealership and/or producer will fix any issues that develop throughout the service warranty duration. But a lemon law is no replacement for diligence or research on the part of the purchaser. Know exactly what you are entering into before you purchase an automobile, truck or SUV.

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